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Buyback & Resell

Tribal Buyback & Resell

Every year, billions of pieces of secondhand designed clothing go to waste. That’s why we’re buying back your used Tribal Society clothing.

With Buyback & Resell, you sell us used Tribal Society clothing that you don’t need. You’ll get Tribal Society in-store/online credit to refresh your wardrobe. Someone else buys your old stuff second hand from us and gives it a new home. It’s one little action that can have a big impact on your wallet and the planet.

What your used Tribal Society clothing is worth will vary, but you’ll get more credit for pieces that are in better condition or like-new.

How Buyback & Resell works

  1. Determine what you want to resell. Find out what clothing you can sell back to us on our list of eligible items.
  2. Use the Buyback estimator tool. Simply fill out the form online to get a estimate for your old Tribal Society outfit. You will receive your estimate via email containing your quote and estimate number.
  3. Prep and go. Bring your clothing, with your estimation number, to your nearest Tribal Society store within 30 days.
  4. At the store, a co-worker will compare the clothing's condition to the estimate and set a final buy back price (that can differ from the estimate). You will receive a Tribal Society giftcard to spend on something you need or love online or in-store and we’ll resell your clothing in our RESELL section.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve done a good deed. You’re helping us prolong product life, promote second hand clothing and waste less. Thanks for contributing to making Tribal Society more circular and to becoming people and planet positive!
  6. Spend your refund card online or in-store whenever you want You can use your gift card for an unlimited period of time from the date of issue.

What second hand Tribal Clothing do we buy back?

Tribal Society products that qualify for Buyback must be:
  • In good, resellable condition
  • Listed below as eligible
  • Complete and fully functional
  • Clean and unmodified

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